The Laver Cup is an International men’s indoor tennis championship. It’s a hard-court championship. Players face off against each other in teams. Team Europe and Team World play against each other for victory.

It’s an annual event. This year, there will be another Laver Cup Championship. If you’re a huge tennis fan, you wouldn’t want to miss it. Are you excited about the Laver Cup? Don’t know where to watch it?

In this guide, we’ll give all the answers to your questions. Find out how to watch the Laver Cup in the UK and abroad. Even beyond the availability zones. You’ll also learn to use a VPN to watch the Laver Cup.

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Watch The Laver Cup Live – Top Streaming Sites

All tennis fans will find a way to catch the Laver Cup action. A great way to watch it is using a stream. You can stream the Laver Cup in the United Kingdom or abroad. The best streams to watch the Laver Cup in the UK and abroad are listed here:

These streaming sites show live Laver Cup matches. There are more streams available as well. Check the streaming services available in your region to watch the Laver Cup. Choose a stream and enjoy all the live action. Here are some features of the streaming services listed above.

Tennis Channel

Tennis is one of the most loved sports in the world. Even in the US, tennis has countless fans. Broadcasters have specific channels to air tennis, related news, match highlights, and commentaries.

One great option for the United States fanbase is to watch the Tennis Channel. Here, you’ll learn all things tennis, from live matches to post-game analysis. Tennis Channel has it all. You can choose from one of two options.

Either choose the daily pass or the annual subscription. You’ll have to pay $9.99 for a daily pass. An annual subscription is a cheaper and more intelligent option. You pay $59.99 every year for the annual subscription.

Save your hard-earned money and choose the annual subscription.

TVA Sport

Everyone isn’t multilingual. Even if you are, you’ll enjoy your favorite sport in your native language. One prominent Canadian language is French. It is widely spoken.

If you want to enjoy tennis in French, try TVA Sport. TVA Sport is an excellent streaming site. It’s based in Canada. You’ll have a high-quality stream with little to no buffering. You don’t even have to pay for a whole year.

If you only want to watch the Laver Cup, you can choose their monthly subscription for just C$17.99 plus tax. Get an entire month of tennis frenzy at a reasonable cost.

Stan Sport

Did you know Australia has one of the annual four Grand Slam championships? Every year, players face off in the Australian Open. It takes place in January of every year. Many travel to Melbourne during the tournament to watch the highly anticipated games.

Not everyone can make the trip to the stadium. If you want to enjoy the thrill from the comfort of your home, you’re not alone. If you’re a tennis fanatic living in Australia, try Stan Sport. The best part is that you can enjoy the matches for free.


Europeans love tennis. Some of the most incredible tennis talents have come from Europe. Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and now Carlos Alcaraz are all European. Thousands of Europeans love watching the sport. They love watching their national heroes in action even more.

If you want to stream tennis in Europe, try Eurosport. They stream all the tennis matches. Catch all the Laver Cup matches on one of Europe’s favorite streaming services.

The Best Sites to Stream The Laver Cup In The UK

If you’re living in the UK, you won’t be able to watch the Laver Cup on the same channels as the US, Australia or Europe. If you try using an international stream, you might be blocked out. It doesn’t mean there’s no other way for you to enjoy the Laver Cup.

For tennis fans in the UK, there are some local streaming options. Try the ones in the list below. But if you prefer, you can choose a different stream.


FuboTV is a great place to catch the tennis Laver Cup. It’s a splendid stream if you live in the UK. You can enjoy smooth, seamless tennis with no buffering on FuboTV. It’s a great streaming service overall, but there’s a catch.

To enjoy the Lave Cup on FuboTV, you need a subscription. Get a 7-day free trial. During the 7-day free trial period, you won’t be charged anything. Once you’ve tested their service to your satisfaction, you can pay. Otherwise, you can opt out of subscribing.


DirectTV also promises users an excellent streaming experience. But it has the same problem as FuboTV. You’ll need to pay to watch the Laver Cup on DirectTV. They also offer a trial period.

During this trial period, you can try watching a few matches. If you enjoyed it, you can commit to a subscription.

How To Watch The Tennis Laver Cup Outside The Availability Zone

Finding a way to watch the Laver Cup is frustrating if you’re outside the availability zone. Even popular streaming sites like FuboTV and DirectTV have their limits. Besides, most of the time, you have to pay.

Even if you have a paid subscription, it’s still not easy. Streaming services use geo-restrictions or geo-fencing. It’s an excellent method to ensure content is restricted to some specific countries. Outside of these regions, the options are limited.

Laver Cup fans outside the available regions are frustrated trying to find a suitable alternative. If you live in the United States and try to access Stan Sports Australia, you won’t be able to. Instead, you’ll be blocked.

The streaming server can locate your IP address down to its final location. If an IP address can’t be traced back to the available regions, access to the service is blocked.

Geo-fencing is there to protect content creator rights. Publishers and content creators have full rights over their work. They use contract and distribution clauses to protect these rights. If they don’t want their content in certain areas, they have a right to make that happen.

The distribution and airing of such content is restricted by law. Streaming platforms are smart at tracking the IP address of all devices that access their servers. They can block you in an instant. You’ll be locked out if your IP doesn’t correspond to an approved area.

A VPN is the best option you have. VPNs can bypass geo-fencing restrictions as well. VPNs will let you stream the Laver Cup live. If you’re interested in other sports, VPNs can help you unblock access.

A (VPN) Virtual Private Network works by hiding your IP. Stream servers can no longer see your actual IP address. This way, it can’t tell whether you’re outside the availability zone.

You become a ghost on the internet. Your identity and private information are concealed from the rest of the world. Only you know your internet activity. You’re also keeping sensitive information safe with your VPN.

Watch The Tennis Laver Cup With a VPN

Using a VPN to watch the Laver Cup is an excellent idea. There are some simple steps to achieve it. Watch all the Laver Cup matches live with a VPN. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Get a reliable VPN. Use ExpressVPN. We’ve tested many other VPNs. But ExpressVPN is the best option.
  • Go to the website and create a new user account.
  • Read the instructions carefully. Download and install.
  • Open the VPN and log in with your credentials.
  • Choose a server. Your IP address will be relocated here. Pick it carefully according to the region you want to stream in.
  • Connect to the server. Now watch and enjoy the Laver Cup anonymously and safely.

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Even if you don’t enjoy it, having the ExpressVPN experience for free is splendid.

Great VPNs To Watch The Tennis Laver Cup In The UK

Check out these top-notch VPNs to make the right choice.

Best Choice

Express VPN

  • Excellent for streaming
  • User-friendly
  • Strong anonymity protection
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 49% Off and Three months free

Private Internet Access VPN

  • Fast streaming speeds
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Above-average online security

CyberGhost VPN

  • Ideal for streaming
  • Security measures are average
  • Functions within China


  • Ideal for streaming
  • Security measures are average
  • Practical for China


  • Excellent torrenting features
  • User-friendly interface
  • Top-notch protection

Other Benefits of VPNs

A VPN is the way to catch the Laver Cup matches from anywhere. But VPNs offer more than just unlimited tennis streaming. Here are some of the benefits you enjoy with a VPN:

  • Get around geo-fencing. Enjoy previously blocked streaming platforms, websites, and other content.
  • Add a layer of safety with data encryption. Stay protected on public and private networks.
  • Browse anonymously and keep your IP hidden.


Many options are available if you’re committed to watching the Laver Cup. TV broadcasters and streaming channels offer the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful competition.

The best way to enjoy the Laver Cup is through a VPN to stream it live. The most reliable VPN to achieve this is the ExpressVPN. With their 30-day money-back guarantee, get a taste of premium for free.