VyprVPN is a secure, reliable, fast Virtual Private Network. In fact, it is often lauded as one of the safest firewalls in the industry because of its commitment to online safety. This is demonstrated in robust features, including a NAT Firewall, propriety Chameleon protocol, VyprDNS, and strong encryption.

The following guide describes the features and facilities offered by the service provider. We will also evaluate its torrenting, streaming, and gaming capabilities so you can determine if it fits your requirements. Let’s dive right in!

Top Features of VyprVPN

VyprVPN is best known for its exceptional security and privacy features. Aside from its AES 256-bit encryption, here are some characteristics that make VyprVPN one of the most secure Virtual Private Networks.


VyprVPN is Vypr’s own DNS service to prevent DNS leaks. It is an exclusive zero-knowledge DNS that removes the ‘man in the middle’ of your connection (your ISPs DNS servers).

To make this possible, VyprDNS routes your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel without storing any of your browsing details. You can rest assured your browsing activities are completely anonymous and safe from leaks, geo-blocking and ISP monitoring.

The exclusive DNS also prevents VPN blocking and uses a DNS relay system for an additional security barrier and lag-free connections.

Kill Switch

A solid kill switch is a must-have to prevent accidental data leaks. It means the tool will block all the internet traffic when the VPN disables or disconnects. Fortunately, VyprVPN has a reliable kill switch for its macOS, Windows and Android apps.

VyprVPN also offers several kill switch configurations. This reflects the app's customisation options. You can leave the kill switch running at the application or system levels to block internet connections automatically. This means your data will remain secure even if the app isn’t running. You can also block LAN traffic.

Chameleon™ Protocol

In addition to standard protocols like WireGuard, OpenVPN and IKEv2, VyprVPN offers Chameleon 2.0.

Chameleon is VyprVPN’s propriety protocol for added security and privacy. It relies on the OpenVPN™ 256-bit protocol for data encryption and bypassing restrictive networks.

The Chameleon Protocol is especially helpful in fighting censorship in countries like Turkey, China, North Korea, and Syria. It prevents Deep Packet Inspection (DPI.) VPN blocks, ISP throttling and bandwidth issues. Thanks to this proprietary protocol, you can enjoy unrestricted and open internet benefits.

Public Wi-Fi Security

Public Wi-Fi is the breeding bed of trackers, snoopers, and hackers. Fortunately, VyprVPN is the best for public connections - The VPN turns on automatically whenever you connect to an unknown Wi-Fi.

Split Tunneling

VyprVPN offers a Connection per App split tunnelling. Split Tunneling routes all your internet traffic via 2 paths; encrypted and non-encrypted. You can choose which apps you want to use through the VPN. The rest of your browsing traffic is routed through your regular ISP for high-speed downloads, streaming and gaming.

NAT Firewall

VyprVPN software has an excellent built-in NAT Firewall with their paid plans. The Firewall restricts unrequested inbound internet traffic, thus providing an additional layer of security. A NAT firewall is one of the best ways to prevent malware, phishing and hacking. 

Configuring and using the Firewall is not a hassle. It is enabled by default at an account-level setting to integrate with your router or devices’ OS firewall.

Premium Plans

VyprVPN follows a straightforward subscription model. It offers two packages (as of 1st August 2023):

  1. 1 Month plan costs $10/ month.
  2. The 12 Months plan costs $5 /month, billed $60 every 12 months. This is an excellent deal, with a whopping 50% discount! 

In addition to their plans, they also offer business VPN solutions at a higher price point.

Although VyprVPN doesn’t offer a free trial, their refund policy is excellent. You can test the VPN for a few days and claim your money back if you aren’t satisfied with the platform.

*All prices were checked in August 2023. Actual prices may differ.

Features Sheet


Does VyprVPN offer a no-logs policy? Yes, VyprVPN provides a complete no-logs policy.
How many servers does VyprVPN offer? Over 700
Server locations? 96
Compatible devices? Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, AmazonOS, etc
VPN protocols? OpenVPN™, Chameleon™, WireGuard®, IKEv2, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP
How many IP addresses does VyprVPN offer? More than 300,000
Does it come with a kill switch? Yes
Does VyprVPN support torrenting? Yes
Does VyprVPN support streaming? Yes
Does VyprVPN offer a money-back guarantee? Yes, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee
Customer support? Yes, 24/7 live chat support

Using VyprVPN

Is VyprVPN great for streaming, gaming, and torrenting? Let’s find out.

Streaming Content

VyprVPN can help you access global Netflix libraries, including the UK, the USA, Canada, and Germany. It also unblocks streaming websites like Hulu, Prime Video and BBC iPlayer outside the USA, providing an easy and free way to watch world superbikes.

Connecting to the WireGuard protocol lets you stream in HD at high speeds. Simply put, you can enjoy a buffer-free streaming experience no matter where you go!

P2P/ Torrenting

VyprVPN offers torrenting and P2P file-sharing facilities. The VPN platform has come a long way from its restrictive torrenting policies that risked users getting banned entirely. They now offer torrent downloads through all servers and protocols.

However, users often report slow download speeds despite high test results. This could indicate a potential cap on P2P download speeds.

Gaming Through VyprVPN

VyprVPN offers lag-free gaming without ping issues. Once connected to your router or gaming console, it offers excellent gaming experiences. But PC gamers report lag issues, so it’s a better option for other platforms.


  • Offers Chameleon protocol and over 300,000 IP addresses for added security
  • NAT Firewall acts as the first line of defence against online attacks
  • Simple interface - easy to navigate for non-tech-savvy users
  • Comprehensive no-logs policy
  • Robust public wifi protection


  • Latency problems on Windows OS
  • No multi-hop data encryption

VyprVPN Rating

Features 9
Privacy & Security 8
Encryption Level 8.5
Media Streaming 9
Chat & Support 9
Torrenting 8.5
Average Rating 8.6

VyprVPN Review: Summit It Up

VyprVPN is well worth its price due to its robust features like propriety Chameleon protocol, DNS leak protection, NAT Firewall added security, and encryption. If your priority is cutting-edge privacy, kill switch and encryption technologies, VyprVPN is the way to go. 

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