CyberGhost is a power-packed VPN that boasts an extensive server network. Over the years, the Romanian-German privacy giant has grown into one of the biggest service providers with millions of global users. Beyond its catchy name, CyberGhost delivers on security and privacy. For another perspective on VPN services, consider reading our ipvanish review.

This CyberGhost review dives deep into the VPN, its essential features, pricing, compatibility, customer service, and more.

Introducing CyberGhost VPN

Founded in 2011, CyberGhost VPN has come a long way. Its innovative Virtual Private Network currently offers paid access to over 9400 servers in 91+ locations.

The VPN is packed with many unique features that guarantee user privacy and security. These include a handy kill switch, no-logs policy, and Secure Core servers for added privacy-friendliness.

The highlight is CyberGhost doesn’t take shortcuts when it comes to data security. Their sophisticated, military-grade 256 Bit AES encryption guarantees online privacy and user experience without compromising connection speeds.

In addition to basic features like ad blocking and malware protection, CyberGhost offers data compression. This convenient solution manages data consumption by creating a universal cache for heavy files.

CyberGhost VPN is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. You can integrate it into most Smart TVs, routers, and gaming consoles.

Pricing: Is CyberGhost A Good Investment?

Although CyberGhost doesn’t offer a free plan for users, the money-back guarantee and free trial compensate.

There are three CyberGhost premium plans ranging from 1 Month to 3 Years. These diverse plans make it easy for users to select a plan that best matches their needs without long-term commitments.

  • 1 Month plan is for $12.99. It offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.
  • The 6 Months plan costs $6.99/month. This plan includes a 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • The 2 Years + 2 months plan costs $56.97. Users are billed for the first 2 years upfront and then offered the exact charges annually. This plan brings down the monthly cost to only $2.11. It includes 3 complimentary months. 

*All prices were checked in August 2023. Actual prices may differ.

Summary Sheet

Which VPN encryption does CyberGhost use? AES 256 Bits
VPN protocols? IKEv2, OpenVPN, WireGuard®
How many devices can you connect simultaneously? Up to 7 devices
Does CyberGhost support streaming? Yes, it relies on streaming-optimized servers.
Compatible devices? Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV 3/ 4, PlayStation 3/ 4. Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Switch.
How many VPN servers does CyberGhost provide? 9400+
Does it offer a no-logs policy? Yes.
Does CyberGhost provide a money-back guarantee? CyberGhost offers 15-day and 45-day money-back guarantees depending on your selected plan.
Is it good for torrenting? CyberGhost supports P2P torrenting.
How many server locations does CyberGhost provide? 91+
Is it equipped with a Kill Switch? Yes
Bandwidth? Unlimited

Using CyberGhost

Using the CyberGhost VPN is simple. The app’s dashboard is user-friendly, easy to set up and doesn’t challenge people who aren’t tech-savvy.

The sleek and attractive design makes essential features like Settings, P2P servers, etc., easy to locate.

CyberGhost has designated clients for the compatible devices mentioned above. It also offers free extensions for major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

After loading the application, toggle the power button to activate the VPN. You can change the server’s location and other settings to tailor your browsing experience.

CyberGhost Compatible Regions

CyberGhost offers extensive coverage, even in regions where VPNs aren’t favoured, like Africa. Some of their servers are virtual without real physical locations for easy connectivity.

Did you know that almost all VPN servers are banned in China? However, CyberGhost isn’t one of them.

Its fleet currently consists of over 91 countries and 9700 servers. This large number sets them apart from competitors.

Top Class Torrents and Streaming With CyberGhost VPN

P2P file sharing is often an issue with VPN providers because of legal and copyright concerns. Torrenting refers to uploading or downloading files from other users’ devices instead of a central server. 

P2P traffic is data-intensive. It requires significant bandwidth and resources to manage a large number of connections. Some people also use P2P file-sharing to distribute malware and pirated content; thus, most VPN providers don’t support torrenting.

Luckily, CyberGhost offers P2P. Some of its servers are specialised for P2P file sharing.


CyberGhost is also stream-optimised. You can unblock geo-restricted content on platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and HBO Max without a hitch.

CyberGhost Main Features

A few note-worth CyberGhost features include:

  1. No Logs Policy: A no logs policy refers to a no-private-information storage commitment by service providers. This data includes browsing history, session duration, time stamps, IP addresses, etc. CyberGhost offers a No Logs policy, which was confirmed by an audit report in 2022 by Deloitte. This feature prevents misuse and exposure of personal information.
  2. Fast Streaming and Torrenting: CyberGhost servers are optimised for streaming and torrenting. Unlike other VPNs, their specialised servers cater to various tasks and boost download speeds. CyberGhost also works with gaming servers and P2P clients, even in countries with sanctions.
  3. High-Grade Encryption: ChigyberGhost is equipped with AES 256 Bit encryption. This military-grade encryption is among the most powerful in the world. It supports VPN protocols, including IKEv2, OpenVPN, and WireGuard®.  This ensures uncrackable security across your connection.
  4. Extensive Server Network: CyberGhost has over 9400 servers spread across 91 countries. This vast server network prevents ISP throttling and other issues. Users can switch between VPN servers during high-latency periods.
  5. Automatic Kill Switch: Like all premium VPNs, CyberGhost includes a KillSwitch. During unstable or lost connections, the Kill Switch is automatically triggered to keep your devices safe at all times.
  6. Simultaneous Connections: CyberGhost lets you connect up to 7 devices with a single subscription. You can enjoy uninterrupted streaming and browsing on various devices without lags or performance issues.
  7. Transparency: CyberGhost is the first VPN service that started publishing transparency reports. In 2011 CyberGhost began publishing these reports annually. They contain insight into user experiences and other essential statistics.
  8. Broad Compatibility: CyberGhost is compatible with most devices, from major computer OS to gaming consoles and smart TVs.
  9. Smart Rules: For users that want automated VPNs, Smart Rules makes this possible. You can configure system reboots, server connections and automatic program start-ups. Smart Rules takes things further with its unsafe network triggers.
  10. Dedicated IP: Public Wi-Fi is the breeding ground for cybercriminals. Furthermore, the app’s unique token system means CyberGhost can help you prevent such data thefts. Your dedicated IP won’t lead back to your account or sign-up details. Their NoSpy servers also prevent third-party access.
  11. RAM Only: The CyberGhost servers are RAM only. This means user data is stored temporarily instead of on hard drives, adding an extra layer of protection. Also, a reboot wipes the data completely. From log traffic to connection data – all your browsing information is secured.

CyberGhost also offers additional features like:

  • Split Tunnelling
  • 24-hour live chat support
  • Unrestricted bandwidth or data usage
  • Protection against DNS and IP leaks
  • Ad-blocker
  • Specialised gaming, torrenting and streaming servers

Hi-Tech Customer Service

CyberGhost customer support is deemed one of the best because of its various contact options. In addition to 24/7 Live chat, the VPN offers a dedicated customer support portal. This site contains various Guides, Troubleshooting details, FAQs, and Announcements.


  • Vast server network across many countries.
  • P2P-friendly - you can use torrents applications without latency or blocks.
  • The app's interface is user-friendly and easy to browse.
  • It provides dedicated servers for streaming, gaming and torrenting for optimum speeds.
  • Strong user security via features like Automatic Kill Switch, DNS & IP leak protection, etc.


  • Linux, MacOS, and iPhone apps have limited features. This makes it complicated to use.
  • Occasionally cause issues accessing specific websites and platforms.
  • Some data is logged to improve customer experiences
  • Only accept BitPay, PayPal and credit cards.

CyberGhost Rating

Features 8.5
Privacy & Security 9
Encryption Level 9
Media Streaming 9
Chat & Support 9
Torrenting 9
Average Rating 8.9

CyberGhost Review: Final Thoughts

As with all VPNs, it comes down to trust when choosing a good VPN for your needs. CyberGhost is a market-leading option known for its stellar performance. It offers speed, robust security and an intuitive interface for a lower price.

CyberGhost also keeps your browsing experience anonymous while unlocking popular streaming, torrenting and gaming services without slowing internet connections. For new VPN users who prioritise customisation and budget-friendly, flexible options. CyberGhost is an excellent tool.