VPN networks are essential whether you want to prevent third-party tracking or protect your identity on the web. A Virtual Private Network encrypts internet connections. It masks your IP address, location, sensitive data and web traffic from cyberattacks, hackers and other malicious actors. VPNs also allow you to unblock geo-restricted content and sites.

Atlas VPN is a reliable and fast VPN service. But do Atlas VPN services offer robust security and encryption? Keep reading to find out.

Atlas VPN Review: An Overview

Atlas VPN was founded in 2019 to make the internet safe and accessible for everyone. It’s a fast, reliable, and user-friendly VPN service. It has over a dozen server locations in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and Europe.

Atlas VPN gives users access to more than a thousand servers. Their premium servers are streaming-optimised, perfect for online gaming, P2P sharing or Netflix access.

Atlas VPN has many notable features like Network Kill Switch, Data Breach Monitor, SafeBrowse, SafeSwap, MultiHop+, Split Tunneling, and more. These comprehensive tools enhance online privacy and data encryption.

Plans & Prices: Is Atlas VPN Affordable?

Unlike other VPNs that only offer paid subscriptions, Atlas VPN has both free and premium plans.

Free Version

The free version of Atlas VPN has all the basics you need to get started. Users can access three server locations: Netherlands – Amsterdam, USA – NewYork, and USA – Los Angeles.

Its Los Angeles and New York servers specialise in online game and video streaming. The only major drawback of this version is data limits. Each free Atlas VPN user gets 5GB of data monthly. This means you won’t be able to download several heavy files like videos.

Paid Plans

The free version of Atlas VPN is ideal for getting a taste of their service and speed. However, premium plans are available for users who want the whole bundle.

There are three paid plans available (as of 1st August 2023):

  • The 1 Month plan costs $1.83/ month 
  • The 1 Year plan is $4.08 /month, billed $143 annually.
  • The 3 Year plan costs $1.83/month, billed $467.61 upfront for three years. It also includes 3 complimentary months.

Atlas VPN is currently offering extra discounts using their coupon deals. After these concessions, 1 Year and 3-Year plans cost $49.01 and $71.52, respectively.

*All prices were checked in August 2023. Actual prices may differ.

Does it have an ad blocker? Atlas VPN is equipped with SafeBrowse Plus.
Is fast streaming available? The VPN supports 4K fast streaming
VPN Protocols. WireGuard, IKEv2/IPSec
Does Atlas VPN offer a refund policy? If dissatisfied with the platform, Atlas VPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Does it have a Network Kill Switch? Yes, the VPN is equipped with a Kill Switch.
How many connections does the provider offer? Atlas VPN offers unlimited simultaneous connections.
How many servers? 1000+
Which VPN encryption does Atlas VPN offer? AES 256 Bits
Supported platforms? iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, Android TV, Fire TV, FireStick, Linux.
Does it offer 24/7 customer support? Yes
Is it suitable for P2P? Yes, Atlas VPN is great for torrenting
VPN server locations. 49+

Atlas VPN Main Features

Network Kill Switch

A Network Kill Switch is an integral part of any VPN service. Without one, VPNs can’t guarantee online privacy and security during unstable or dropped connections.

Fortunately, Atlas VPN has a Network Kill Switch that protects you against IP leaks by routing your online traffic via an encrypted tunnel. Network disruption, server overloads and timeouts don’t affect your browsing security or reveal your IP address.

Data Breach Monitor

The Data Breach Monitor is another intuitive feature that sets Atlas VPN apart. Data breaches and leaks aren’t uncommon in the virtual world. Any information you enter online, including phone numbers, emails and financial details (like credit card information), can be stolen and misused.

The Data Breach Monitor works 24/7, monitoring and tracking such data leaks. It continuously scans the web for new leaks and alerts you if any credentials match your email.


Although a VPN does an excellent job of masking your online activities, sometimes it isn’t enough.

Certain advertisers use third-party trackers to monitor off-platform activities. This is where SafeBrowse comes into play. It acts as an additional layer of security for your account by:


  • Preventing trackers from monitoring your activities
  • Alerting you when you open websites with third-party trackers
  • Stops you from launching fishy websites that might contain malware

Worldwide Servers

Atlas VPN offers a vast range of servers in over 42 regions. The 1000+ premium servers mean high-speed connections, more bypassing geo-restriction options and load balancing. You can easily switch between the servers and VPN locations if your performance lags. Moreover, users can access several VPN server locations without a paid plan.

Using the Atlas VPN

Using Atlas VPN is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is download the Atlas VPN app. The VPN is compatible with multiple devices, including iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Fire TV, Android TV, etc. 

The user-friendly Atlas VPN interface instantly launches when installed. Create an account and sign in to access its services.

To activate the VPN connection, toggle the switch in the Home menu and select a server location. Features like Data Breach Monitor and Kill Switch are available in the Assistant tab.


Like any Virtual Private Network, you should consider a few drawbacks when opting for Atlas VPN. First and foremost, the Atlas VPN app is simple and lacks customisation options.

Major regions like China, Thailand, South Korea, Turkey and Belarus have special laws that ban the use of VPNs. Thus, coverage is restricted in these countries to comply with legalities.

It only offers two servers in the UK – so if these servers are down, you won’t be able to try a different one in the region.

The Atlas VPN app for Windows is buggy and difficult to use. It also lacks dedicated browser extensions.


  • Fast streaming and P2P traffic on all servers
  • Military-grade encryption
  • 24-hour customer support
  • Dedicated VPN apps for most platforms


  • The free version has data limitations
  • Push for data collection through irritating email subscription prompts
  • No browser extensions
  • A slow app that lacks personalisation options

Atlas VPN Rating

Features 8
Privacy & Security 9
Encryption Level 9
Media Streaming 9
Chat & Support 8
Torrenting 8.5
Average Rating 8.6

Atlas VPN Review: Final Words

This review should highlight how Atlas VPN is an excellent choice for first-time VPN users. Atlas VPN delivers a smooth browsing experience on all major streaming websites and online games.

With 1000+ high-speed servers across the globe, it’s hard to go wrong with Atlas VPN. Its various premium packages are some of the most affordable subscriptions on the market.

Its affordable premium packages and fantastic safety features are enough to rank it among the best ones. Furthermore, its free version is an excellent choice for users who don’t require unlimited browsing.

Atlas VPN is a reliable option if you’re looking for the best value for money, unlimited connections and easy connectivity!