Astrill VPN has been in the market for over 10 years protecting many users with industry-standard security. The underappreciated Virtual Private Network is great for securely browsing, streaming and torrenting. However, like any VPN, it comes with its own set of pros & cons. 

This guide introduces Astrill VPN and describes its top features so you can decide if their premium plans are worth investing in. Let’s get surfing!

Introducing Astrill VPN

Astrill VPN was released in 2009. To date, the VPN is highly underrated. Astrill VPN is more than a mediocre Virtual Private Network. It offers plenty to users with its propriety protocols, dedicated IPs, a smart mode, a kill switch, and 256-bit SSL encryption. Astrill VPN also boasts separate premium plans for individuals and businesses.

Nonetheless, some users often hesitate to use the platform due to its expensive packages and limited free trial. Overall, it has a lot to offer for streaming and torrenting if you’re open to investing in your online security.

Premium Plans

Astrill VPN offers users two types of premium plans: a Personal VPN plan and a Business VPN plan. Here are the details:

1. Personal VPN plan:

You have a choice between monthly, annual, or biennial billing.

  • 1 Month plan costs $30/ month.
  • The 1 Year plan costs $15/ month and is billed $180 yearly.
  • 2 Years: The 2 Years plan retails for $12.50/ month. You’ll pay $300 every 2 years.

2. Business VPN plan: The Business VPN plan facilitates multiple user accounts for large organisations. You must subscribe to a minimum of 10 accounts starting at $10/ month per user. As you add more users, the monthly costs decrease significantly.

For example, 50 user accounts cost $8.90/ user/month, whereas 100 accounts cost $8.45/user/month. These plans offer great value for money and easy scalability for your business.

(Prices updated on 1st August 2023)

Feature Sheet

Does Astrill VPN offer a no-logs policy? Yes, the provider offers a strict no-logs policy.
Does it have a kill switch? Yes
How many VPN servers does Astrill VPN provide? Over 300
Which VPN protocols does the provider offer? OpenWeb, OpenVPN, StealthVPN, WireGuard
Number of server locations? 115 locations in 57 countries
Does it have a refund policy? No
Does it offer a free trial? Yes, the service provides a 7-day free trial
Is Astrill VPN good for torrenting? Yes, it has dedicated servers for torrenting
Is Astrill VPN good for streaming Yes
Which platforms are compatible with Astrill VPN? Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux, router, and Android
The number of IP addresses? Not specified
Bandwidth limit? Unlimited

Features of Astrill VPN

VPN Sharing

VPN sharing is a great feature that allows you to share your PC’s Virtual Private Network with other devices. If your primary device is a  Windows, Mac, and Linux computer, you can offer complete protection beyond its OS. This includes smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart TVs, gaming consoles, routers and even TV boxes.

Smart Mode

Smart mode allows you to use VPN while concealing its connection for government-monitored websites. If you’re trying to browse without slowing the server speed or leaving a trace, this feature minimises tracking through its advanced security.

Using Astrill VPN

Is Astrill VPN great for torrenting and streaming? And, can you operate it in China? Keep reading to discover how you can use Astrill VPN:


Astrill VPN supports streaming and instantly unblocks sites like Netflix US and Disney+. However, the unblocking capabilities of Astrill VPN aren’t perfect. Some users reported issues with streaming - likely because their platforms recognise and block Astrill servers. Furthermore, it doesn’t support UK-based platforms like BBC iPlayer despite having UK-based servers.


Astrill VPN fully supports torrenting and P2P file sharing. It has dedicated servers optimised for torrenting. These servers use port forwarding to ensure faster seeding and peering. Torrenting-optimized servers are marked with a star within the Astrill VPN application so you can locate them easily.


Astrill VPN bypasses the Great Firewall of Chinese censorship well. You can also use the VPN in Hong Kong and Taiwan to unblock sites and services. Its propriety protocol and decent server network overcome geo-restrictions.

Supported Platforms and Devices

Astill VPN excels in the compatibility department. It works flawlessly with almost all operating systems with specialised, user-friendly applications for several devices. These include:

  • Android
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • iPad
  • macOS
  • Routers with 8MB flash memory

You can download the Astrill VPN app from the relevant app store without hassle. Then, log into your account or opt for the free trial to test the service. However, the VPN is not compatible with or offers extensions for browsers.

Customer Support

The customer support offered by Astrill VPN is very reliable. They have an outstanding reputation for prompt, helpful, and fast query resolution.

You can reach their team via the contact form. Alternatively, you can access their dedicated support page for FAQs, video tutorials, manuals and other resources. They also offer 24/7 live chats for quick solutions.


  • Bypasses Chinese firewalls and global geo-restrictions.
  • Guarantees robust security through its Active Kill switch and split tunnelling.
  • 5 simultaneous connections and sharing connections with other devices.
  • Streaming, P2P-sharing and torrenting optimised.


  • No money-back guarantee or free trial
  • Expensive

Astrill VPN Rating

Features 8
Privacy & Security 9
Encryption Level 8.5
Media Streaming 8
Chat & Support 8.5
Torrenting 8.5
Average Rating 8.4

AstrilVPN Review: Bottom Line

Astrill VPN is the best choice for most businesses and users willing to invest in internet security. It offers split tunneling feature, torrent-friendly servers, outstanding performance, and excellent customer support.

Despite this, you cannot ignore that the service costs significantly more than some high-end VPNs. Astrill VPN might be worth the hefty price tag if you regularly access censored content.